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Putting Art back in HEart!

THE right to Die, is just as important as the right to LIVE! Its a choice and an individual right over their own BODY..and life!

This is just a “frontline” story I posted. I agree with FREE rights over our own bodies! Freedom to live or die should be a choice not a FORCED or oppressive action made from someone else trying to control another person and their OWN CHOICES! The Suicide Plan WRITTEN, PRODUCED & DIRECTED BYMiri Navasky & … Continue reading

Putting Art back in HEart!

Knowing the difference, makes all the difference.

The difference between a smart idiot and a dumb idiot…is that, A smart idiot KNOWS they are dumb..and an dumb idiot BELIEVES they are smart!  Any idiot should understand this, unless they can’t and they not an idiot..and they are just an imbecile, someone that can’t understand anything other than what they are told, and even that is pushing … Continue reading

Putting Art back in HEart!

Nobody needs to be Rich… just as no one needs to be poor!

People need LOVE dropped on their hearts and homes..not bombs! Weapons do not supply hope, they only ensure that their is not a hope left at all! We should not be destroying ourselves…but yet people think destroying ourselves is HELPING PEOPLE. The greedy and arrogant think they deserve everything and others deserve nothing! I heard … Continue reading