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Putting Art back in HEart!

Less of Worth, life is more valuable than money,because LIFE was here FIRST!

I love REAL LIFE..and art..I love hip hop,…all types of music and Art of all kinds..self expression and SURREALISM…. when it comes to creating mind and body can’t stop! IN minds we find different visions and understanding of a single vessel’s time! The real mixed with imagination…True creators of unharnessed freedoms on going investigation…. … Continue reading

Putting Art back in HEart!

Why are their people starving, and living in poverty in the world..and even in your home country or town!?

People stand behind FIGHTING, WAR, and MURDER..they support it, they would die to KILL someone they did not even know..they would KILL innocent children and women and men, helping to displace families in other countries…Then we buy int violence so heavily with PRIDE and FAITH and and people grab their guns and cross’s and KILL … Continue reading