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Putting Art back in HEart!

Teach, critiacal thinking, peace and accpetance of another life beyond what you want to beleive about it!

I try to teach people this all the son most of all. Some people are not able to learn anything but what they have already been brainwashed into believing. I don’t really care what people want to believe though…. as long as they aren’t trying to oppress or hurt another life, (when beliefs lead … Continue reading

Putting Art back in HEart!

Forgiving does not mean forgetting

Forgiven does not mean forgetting.forgiving, it means to excuse or pardon someone…for an offense…to resolve or renounce anger or resentment against…To absolve from payment. To give forgiveness and not just want it for yourself. Forgetting, just means you won’t remember why it is you pardoned someone for the offense, why you got angry, and who … Continue reading