Putting Art back in HEart!

Images…beliefs and visions… are all just part of our imaginations!


There is a lot to be learned from art..and symbolism. It is the third form of communication… The first being body language or sign language. The second being sound…noise frequencies. Then third was making an image to show something…art…the most widely used form of communication is imagery because it is the quickest to MAKE someone believe something!! Then it was forming words from sounds into images into a more refined version of each…a symbol of a letter, combining both. I became aware of so many more things when I started to study art..images and also body movement or body language. Which today people have become such good chameleons or car salesmen or politicians, Performers, actors  or whatever they want to present themselves as… so We or they or them may be fooled or deceived ..what people want or call them is up to how they see them I suppose.

They are good at hiding what they really are getting at..or what they really have intent for. Because they do not want to lose an opportunity of GETTING something!! Whatever it is that GIVES them something more..people see each other as opportunities… not recourses…To take advantage of the opportunities and not sustain the resource. And give to it what it may need from us..maintenance and care, attention and upgrades or repairs… most people ( If they are led by capitalism and oppression!)see each other as disposable waste that means nothing to them but a dollar sign or a way to gain a capital of some kind.

!They see each other as objects or tools..not As each other and not as THE SAME thing… A life wanting to live as best and as healthy as possible.  Which is true happiness…being healthy and as best we can, whatever situation we may be in!

Imagery and intent is the purpose of creating something! Any artwork… any propaganda that wants TO get people to BUY the image!

Unless it is meaningless artwork, which can be made. Sold distributed and bought. That is part of our society as well..the meaningless exchange on values in objects. And in images..that change day to day..and year by year. Depending what gets seen as a commodity or something to have money made from it.

I have made plenty  of meaningless art myself. I do not ever intend to sell it..it was made only for a meaning of my understanding which is self-expression. Done sometimes out of feeling…not out of a purpose. Which is still art for sure…But when art is done with an intent to make people believe something…it is very powerful.

It is more powerful than words. Because the communication can become something seen not heard..and felt but without any touch! It can placed in places where other that understand it will be able to communicate with it and read into it..to have a message or story revealed. THat is the amazement of being able to study art so much that you can see meaning behind an image..without having letters or sound or movement to convey a message. More people should study art history and they would learn more about how MANKIND works and how oppression works..and how we workd for mankind’s oppression it has created. Through images and words and sounds that are reapeated in imagry and propaganda. To advertise manufactures events to control people. through fear and hatred. This is the propaganda the oppressors have used sense the first Dynasty was formed along the banks of the nile in the beginning of the Neolithic era…3-4,000 years old, the European  empire has only been around for 600 years,  and in American for 200..I refer to those empires as oppression, becuae of their laws they inforced through MILITIAS and armies…PROMISING them insentives to FIT=GHT and kill for their OWN EMPIRES laws, so they are seen as most omnipotent…. in their historical and blatant structure and documentation of their own lives .

The Predynastic age was the time before KINGS and Pharos..before emperors dynasties and empires. Before the idols of imagery that worshiped man!

Before that time. The Earth was worshiped. Survival off the land was worshiped and feared. It was understood more simply and not confused by ego’s..that only represent themselves as having control or a connection to God or a higher power and are the only ones worthy of it…that is if we believe in a certain religion. Or play on a certain team..than we will be offered tha sanctuary of the heavens in the afterlife..a incentive and a false promise. Man could never be agble to understand what exixts beyoun this life as we know it. To think we can is a foolish thought and really a waste of time and effort. TO accept life and death is straight to the point. TO believe we live and we die and in-between that space we create things..mostly memories. And then one day those memories will die out..and that whats man’s ego want to make live on. Memories of empires, of stories, or of WINS. And achievements and  conquering  tales to make them seem so much greater than we really are.

We are just another life on this planet..trying to survive!… and we are in the makings of leaving behind such a horrible legacy. For any future life to uncover.

To be creatures that kill each other and everything on this planet all for money  Or over a personal belief..for the competition and arrogance or the NEED and GREED to get RIGHT..or righteous. So righteous that people will believe they know the answers and can create the rules and pass judgments on each other…then claim they are the ones that are JUST..and virtuous! I know I will die with my beliefs ..and that is my own responsibility and the only thing I claim ownership of in this world..my own body and my own beliefs and my own understanding of this life we live..that I live…no one else can understand or see what I have seen the way I have seen it…I cannot explain it as best as I have lived it… or how I have studied it….I can only try to..and if people understand me… then they can..if they can’t it is not up to me to make them, or help them. AlthoughI would like to help people…they have to want to be helped or even recognize they are hurt or hurting others ( any life)  around them, then to have or to want any help for themselves. If they are in denial form their pain or suffering they will never accept help, or want to help themselves or others..they would just expect everything to have to SUFFER just as they suffer or worse. Especially if they see their pain as a CURE..or a salvation and medication to their anguish, so they see their pain as something to WORSHIP!

That is up to them!

It is up to me to understand life around me as well. So I try to..by accepting it and learning from it…by loving it not hating it!

Sports like any routine people follow, for any amount of repetition, any habbit..becomes a ritual. Which is religion. It RULES PEOPLE and the more people that share something in a ritual..they bond and feel a connection…even if it seems like a negative connection to IT or each other . And to some people what they worship they believe in sooo wholeheartedly they take any offense to anything that challenges their FAITH or religion or the CHURCH they belong too..or team they congregate with! They are intent on taking it personally no matter win or lose..and they will make up excuses to saticfy their own pain..to condemn others and persecute them..because their TEAM lost….or they will do it if they WIn..to gloat and to belittle EACH other… in either case…is bad sportsmanship…and pretty immature. It is ONLY a game…and like anything kids play, they learn to be fair and have fun..ot they are just a bunch of cheating little miserable B’tch’s. It is really sad people will get angry over something that is supposed to be FUN! It’s really strange to me..Im glad the sports I do make me happy and the people I play with..encourage each other to be that way….more enthusiastic for everyone to have fun.

God is an idea…that is why you can’t see it. Ideas are in our heads and no one can really see them but ourselves and what we believe is our own right and we will die with those ideas on our own heads….the thing that is wrong with a belief or idea…is when it is taken to the point that it becomes more important than REAL life in front of us…. It is when we force people to live based on those ideas in our heads..that is where the bullshit starts!

I would Say the creator of everything..would be EVERYTHING.. whether or not we can see something or we can’t…people believe in things they don’t see…more than they believe and are concerned with what’s right in front of them. That’s just my view. An observation of what the majority base their movements off of. Basing them off of judgments and beliefs..rather than basing them off of real life occurances.

“The Narmer Palette” IS basically the first historical hieroglyphic documentation of someone ( RULER or rulers) CLAIMING they have OWNERSHIP of a territory…Northern and southern Egypt documenting the separations and the CONTROL of ALL things in those hemispheres. The real true first formation of oppression.  It was formed from the use of OVERSEER’ERS PEOPLE paid to enforce not ORDER but  SUBMISSION! TO a MAN and their ESTABLISHMNETS laws to protect an establishment while enslaving all life around it..for only its GAIN and its salvation or its MEMBERS or LEADERS!

Although paganism is the first religion and is the basis of all other religion’s formed sense then…Animism (from Latin animus, -i “soul, life”) is the worldview that non-human entities, including animals, plants, and often even inanimate objects or phenomena, possess a spiritual essence.

Specifically, animism is used in the anthropology of religion as a term for the belief system or cosmology of some indigenous tribal peoples, especially prior to the development and/or infiltration of colonialism and organized religion.Although each culture has its own different mythologies and rituals, “animism” is said to describe the most common, foundational thread of indigenous peoples’ “spiritual” or “supernatural” perspectives. The animistic perspective is so fundamental, mundane, every day and taken-for-granted that most animistic indigenous people do not even have a word in their languages that corresponds to “animism” (or even “religion”); the term is an anthropological construct rather than one designated by the people themselves.

Largely due to such ethnolinguistic and cultural discrepancies, opinion has differed on whether animism refers to a broadly religious belief or to a full-fledged religion in its own right. The currently accepted definition of animism was only developed in the late 19th century by Sir Edward Tylor, who created it as “one of anthropology’s earliest concepts, if not the first”.

Animism encompasses the belief that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical (or material) world, and souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in some other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment, including thunder, wind, and shadows. Animism thus rejects Cartesian dualism. Animism may further attribute souls to abstract concepts such as words, true names, or metaphors in mythology. Examples of animism can be found in forms of Shinto, Serer, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Paganism, and Neopaganism. Some members of the non-tribal world also consider themselves animists (such as author Daniel Quinn, sculptor Lawson Oyekan, and many Neopagans).

There is a story I have heard of when a tribe or pack of people were traveling…as our people did…when we had to be nomadic and move around with the weather to survive through its harsh conditions. Now we have learned to make our environments more controlled. To manipulate our homes so we do not have to move away from them or carry them with us. I do not thing that is that bad of an idea though..moving around and living where ever you lay your head.. anyway…the story of the beginning of spirituality is a scenario that goes something like this:

The pack of people come across a saber tooth tiger..it is hungry and a father and mother and a child are face to face with its need to survive!

The saber tooth like any creature does not want to get hurt or die to survive…so the natural choice is to go after the most vulnerable creature in the group. The parents point there spears and focuse them on the tiger…. The parents have the child in the middle of them..while the tiger circle them…searching for an opening. It pounces the partents battle it…there is a massive attack and life is being put to its test.

The beast try’s for the child but the mother will not allow it..she puts herself into the claws and teeth of the tiger…The father spears the beast several times…finailly the animal lays down…falling over…the mother lay beside the beast..both hanging on to life by a thread…

The mother loses her consciousness and appears to have died…the father and the other members of the group ( witnesse’s!) they watch the events unfold. The tiger is still panting heavily  but its breath gets slower… the father out of passion…love and anger gives a final joust of the spear into the bests chest…. It finially stops moving..and in that instance…The mother springs up..she sits up with a giant breath. Inhaling it like her first breath ever taken…being “born again” in front of these peoples eye’s! The father and the other people in the group..see this as the spirit of the tiger. Being passed into the mother’s life…so they conclude, that by killing this animal. They can give life or bring life back…or even make it live on..by TAKING another life..or sacrificing another animals life…so another can live on…thus  creating the formal idea of SACRAFICIAL offerings! This paved a way for religion to eventually be created.

“Shamanism ” is the practice of a spirituality which was conceived before religion..just simply a spirit or energy that exisits beyond us…that is in us and in everything… on this earth and beyond what we know is out there….that we are all made or derived from… before this body and after our body is done…after our “Vessels have gone through their life cycle….and things in which to be transferred. Energies to continue or ripple on beyond our demise.??!! Is this so I do not know..but I do know we have enrgy that runs through us..that connects us and disrupts us, and creates a balance between us.…

The earliest known depiction of a Siberian shaman, produced by the Dutch explorer Nicolaes Witsen, who authored an account of his travels among Samoyedic- and Tungusic-speaking peoples in 1692. Witsen labelled the illustration as a “Priest of the Devil” and gave this figure clawed feet to highlight what Witsen perceived as demonic qualities.

Shamanism (/ˈʃɑːmən/ SHAH-mən or /ˈʃeɪmən/ SHAY-mən) is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world. A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.

The term “shamanism” is currently often used[by whom?] as an umbrella term referring to a variety of spiritual practices, although it was first applied to the ancient religion of the Turks and Mongols, as well as those of the neighboring Tungusic and Samoyedic-speaking peoples. The word “shaman” originates from the Evenk language (Tungusic) of North Asia and was introduced to the west after Russian forces conquered the shamanistic Khanate of Kazan in 1552. Upon learning more about religious traditions across the world, western scholars[who?] also described similar magico-religious practices found within the indigenous religions of other parts of Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas as shamanism. Various historians[who?] have argued that shamanism also played a role in many of the pre-Christian religions of Europe, and that shamanic elements may have survived in popular culture right through to the Early Modern period. Various[which?] archaeologists and historians of religion have also suggested that shamanism may have been a dominant pre-religious practice for humanity during the Paleolithic.

Mircea Eliade writes, “A first definition of this complex phenomenon, and perhaps the least hazardous, will be: shamanism = ‘technique of religious ecstasy’.” Shamanism encompasses the premise that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds. Shamans are said to treat ailments/illness by mending the soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit restores the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness. The shaman also enters supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community. Shamans may visit other worlds/dimensions to bring guidance to misguided souls and to ameliorate illnesses of the human soul caused by foreign elements. The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.

Shamanic beliefs and practices have attracted the interest of scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, including anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, religious studies scholars and psychologists. Hundreds of books and academic papers on the subject have been produced,[citation needed] with a peer-reviewed academic journal being devoted to the study of shamanisms.[citation needed] In the 20th century, many westerners involved in the counter-cultural movement adopted magico-religious practices influenced by indigenous shamanisms from across the world, creating the Neoshamanic movement.

Pagan religions (also Paganism) refers to a group of historical polytheistic religious traditions—primarily those of cultures known to the classical world. In a wider sense, it has also been understood to include any non-Abrahamic, folk, or ethnic religion.

Modern paganism, also known as contemporary paganism, and neopaganism, is a group of contemporary religious movements influenced by or claiming to be derived from the various historical pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe. Although they do share commonalities, contemporary Pagan religious movements are diverse and no single set of beliefs, practices, or texts are shared by them all.Since the 20th century, “Paganism” (or “Neopaganism”) has become the identifier for a collection of new religious movements attempting to continue, revive, or reconstruct historical pre-Abrahamic religion.

Nomenclature and etymology

Reconstruction of the Parthenon, on the Acropolis of Athens, Greece.

Hellene;For more details on this topic, see Hellene comes to mean pagan. LOOK it UP…information is out there at your fingertips. J

In the Latin-speaking West of the newly Christianizing Roman Empire, Greek became associated with the traditional polytheistic beliefs of Ancient Greece and regarded as a foreign language (lingua peregrina). By the latter half of the 4th century in the Greek-speaking East, Pagans were—paradoxically—most commonly called Hellenes (Ἕλλην, lit. “Greeks”). The word almost entirely ceased being used in a cultural sense. It retained that meaning for roughly the first millennium of Christianity.

This was influenced by Christianity’s early membership, who were Jewish. Jews of the time distinguished themselves from foreigners according to religious rather than ethnocultural standards and early Jewish Christians would have done the same. As Hellenic culture was the dominant pagan culture in the Roman east, they called pagans Greek (Hellene). Christianity inherited Jewish terminology for non-Jews and adapted it to refer to non-Christians they were in contact with. This usage is recorded in the New Testament. In the Pauline epistles, Hellene almost always juxtaposed to Hebrew in disregard of actual ethnicities.

Usage of Hellene as a religious term was initially part of an exclusively Christians nomenclature, but some pagans began defiantly calling themselves Hellenes. Other pagans even preferred the narrowed meaning of the word—from a broad cultural sphere to a more specific religious grouping. However, there were many Christians and pagans alike who strongly objected to the evolution of the terminology. The influential Archbishop of Constantinople Gregory of Nazianzus, for example, took offence to imperial efforts to suppress Hellenic culture (especially concerning spoken and written Greek) and openly criticized the emperor.

The growing religious stigmatization of Hellenism had a chilling effect on Hellenic culture by the late 4th century.

By late antiquity, however, it was possible to speak Greek as a primary language while not conceiving of oneself a “Hellene”. The long-established use of Greek in and around the eastern Roman Empire a lingua franca ironically allowed it to instead become central in enabling the spread of Christianity—as indicated for example by the use of Greek for the Epistles of Paul. In the first half of the 5th century, Greek was the standard language in which bishops communicated, and the Acta Conciliorum (“Acts of the Church Councils”) were recorded originally in Greek and then translated into other languages.

The adoption of paganus by Latin Christians as an all-embracing, pejorative term for polytheists represents an unforeseen and singularly long-lasting victory, within a religious group, of a word of Latin slang originally devoid of religious meaning. The evolution occurred only in the Latin west, and in connection with the Latin church. Elsewhere, “Hellene” or “gentile” (ethnikos) remained the word for “pagan”; and paganos continued as a purely secular term, with overtones of the inferior and the commonplace.

The term pagan is from Late Latin paganus revived during the Renaissance. The word first appeared in Christian inscriptions of the early fourth century and retained its collquial associations. Originating from pagus, a “region delimited by markers”, by the late 4th to early 5th centuries it had also come to mean “of or relating to the countryside”, “country dweller”, “villager”; by extension, “rustic”, “unlearned”, “yokel”, “bumpkin”; in Roman military jargon, “non-combantant”, “civilian”, “unskilled soldier”. “By its word for non-believers Christian slang bore witness to the heavenly battle which coloured Christians’ view of life.” It derives from pagus (“district”, “province”), is related to pangere (“to fix”, “to fasten”), and ultimately comes from Proto-Indo-European *pag- (“to fix”).

Medieval writers often assumed paganus as a religious term was a result of the conversion patterns during the Christianization of Europe, where people in towns and cities were converted more readily than those in remote regions, where old ways lingered. However, this idea has multiple problems. First, the word’s usage as a reference to non-Christians pre-dates that period in history. Second, paganism within the Roman Empire centred on cities. The concept of an urban Christianity as opposed to a rural paganism would not have occurred to Romans during Early Christianity. Third, unlike words such as rusticitas, paganus had not yet fully acquired the meanings (of uncultured backwardness) used to explain why it would have been applied to pagans.

Paganus more likely acquired its meaning in Christian nomenclature via Roman military jargon (see above). Early Christians adopted military motifs and saw themselves as “Milites Christi” (“soldiers of Christ”). A good example of Christians still using paganus in a military context rather than religious is in Tertullian’s De Corona Militis XI.V, where Christians are referred to as “paganus” (civilian):

Apud hunc [Christum] tam miles est paganus fidelis quam paganus est miles fidelis. With Him [Christ] the faithful citizen is a soldier, just as the faithful soldier is a citizen.

Paganus acquires its religious connotations by the mid-4th century. As early as the 5th century, paganos was metaphorically used to denote persons outside the bounds of the Christian community. Following the sack of Rome to pagan Visigoths just over fifteen years after the Christian persecution of paganism under Theodosius I,murmurs began to spread that the old gods had taken greater care of the city than the Christian God. In response, Augustine of Hippo wrote De Civitate Dei contra Paganos (“The City of God against the Pagans”). In it, he contrasted the fallen “city of Man” to the “city of God” of which all Christians were ultimately citizens. Hence, the foreign invaders were “not of the city” or “rural”.

The term Pagan is not attested in the English language until the 17th century. It was historically used as one of several pejorative Christian counterparts to “gentile” (גוי / נכרי) as used in the Hebrew Bible—comparable to “infidel” or “heretic”.[citation needed] In the Christian missionary world, the word pagan was popularized to describe a non-Christian as “a person deemed a savage or uncivilized and morally deficient” as per definition in the dictionary.com (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pagan?s=t.) Modern ethnologists often avoid this broad usage in favor of more specific and less potentially offensive terms such as polytheism, shamanism, pantheism, or animism when referring to traditional or historical faiths.

The things we value most, like our beliefs…are the only things that we will die with. Your religion, your beliefs will die with you…A corporations label is what they use money and control to try to make live on..ON this PLANET..those images and beliefs will not exist  when you do..they belong on on this earth..only in this plane of existence and in the time in which you comprehend here on earth!

What happens beyond this life… is not capable of being imagined or shown by us…or explained in any image or words..because we know nothing of it. It is impossible to describe or communicate in any way that which we cannot see..or imagine. We can try..but we will be wrong! Being wrong is what an ego cannot handle!

Knowing we are wrong and never 100% correct…and understanding we always have more to learn… is what makes us humble and will always keep us grounded and not floating with our heads in the clouds… We can guess and that, we know..or think we know… is the power of our imagination but it is also the thing that limits out power..to limit our imagination by saying we know what it waiting for us and we believe we have the answer to things we cannot possibly know..but say we do..that is called LIMITATION on our imagination which when done is creating a thing called self-oppression. Limiting our imagination to thinking we know what the image of an energy that created everything..if there is one!?What if its not an energy or a thing…What if it’s simply nothing….What if we end up like we begin…? just turn back  into nothing over time…We begain as nothing but with fertilization and nourishment we grew into something…That is what I know to be a proven fact..so I stick with what I understand…until the time I learn something  new..

I only know that of which I try to understand… or can TRY to imagine…and trust me I try to imagine more…but I know I cannot imagine all that there is out there to understand beyond our or my realm of knowledge or imagination…which only exists  IN our MINDS as we know it..through our brain..our thoughts and our visions through our consciousness! Through communication we can compare ideas..if we re op[pen enough to hear and learn from each other.  But our beliefs  and ideas are just a guess and to base a FAITH off of a guess, or your life off a guess is very scary….but  that is imagination…until it is gets proven or drawn out, it will be unclear and hard to understand…maybe never totally understood even after it gets invented or shown…. then it is of this earth when it does and when we can see it..then it becomes reality and a believable thing. .. Having Faith is to me , a blind faith is dangerous… someone that must love to gamble lives with a blind faith… maybe not with their lives as much as they do with others’ lives! They convince themselves that they have a sure BET>.in a guess and as long as they keep betting and plying by the DEALERS rules they will be able to BUY in another round and eventually come out on TOP!

The things that mean the most to you will be the only thoughts you are comforted by in you demise! Or tortured by! It is your beliefs that will leave you with the last memories of your life here as YOU know it! What I believe does not affect you and what you believe does not affect me…it is What we do that effects each other. What we do to do to each other over beliefs are more than an atrocity. What we do based on the images we are feed and propaganda to CHOSE who is best and pick a side then KILL for it or oppress other life for it…so IT can be seen as the ALMIGHTY.. as the RIGHT thing to KILL for and DIE for, to take for..or steal for…a  WORD or IMAGE is totally disgraceful to PROTECT over a human life or any other creatures life… to do to this earth and each other. To all creatures of this planet is not a LAW being broken like a crime or a sin..It is a treatment being broken an equality.. a trust being broken….a bond being snapped…It is the trust that you would treat a life like it is you! If you are going to cheat yourself or hurt yourself..and find it easy to do to others…because they seem different than you and you can see them as a object to be treated poorly. And you should be treated with A golden grandeur. Of Divinity and perfection but anyone that does not belong to the same organization does not hold the image or privileges that are given to your special group! Anyone that is not with you is against you and will be DAMNED to eternial hell…That hell is in your HEAD..and the heaven you speak of or imagine exists there as well. Everyone’s idea of that will never be the same..It is made and distributed to have everyone believing in one man made image. It is designed by MAN so that they can profit and control everything.

An all being or a creator of everything ( a GOD) would have no need to try to control everything…because IT already would be so powerful that it would!  Man has the desire to be a GOD so they try to establish their laws and rules to create a hierarchy or a pyramid scheme a to control everyone and keep the rich RICH and the poor becoming more dependent on the rich..through MONEY…POlitricks…reliegion…imagery of FEAR and chaos and the distribution of that  propaganda and  or inURFACE advertisements for their corporate labels and oppressive organizations to flourish.

Imagine more and learn from the images we are presented with…Because life is all about growing..once we stop learning about life around us..we have stopped growing and unless we are dead..there is always room to grow and learn more than we think or believe we already know!

I started writing this because of the imagery I saw based on the starbucks logo..and what It said below the imagery..it was this:

“the Illuminati LOVE to symbolically show you how every time you “come into” Starbucks, youre actually “coming inside” the ancient Canaa Phoenecian whore of Baby…lon…the Kraken…Tiamat…the primordial goddess of the watery Abyss, who has the two fish of Pisces (Pisces rules the two feet) symbolizing the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age. Christianity entered the scene at the beginning of the Piscean Age 2,000 years ago and the symbol for Pisces is the fish, as well as for Christianity. The goddess also wears the seven pointed crown upon her head… Just like, hmmmmm, the Statue of “Liberty” does! The seven points also symbolize the 7 stars of the Pleiades. And lets not forget the “circle within a circle” symbology of Saturn and its outer rings, which in Freemasonry represents the ESOteric, the INNER circle (true wisdom hidden to the masses), just like an “INSIDE joke”…or an ESOTERIC…joke, and the EXOteric- outer (false lies fed to the masses), who are EXcluded from the “club” of the wisdom…of the WISE-DOME….of the INNER Temple. Now, this is neither to be judged as “good” or “bad.” Its simply what’s right in front of our eyes for the wise, or the esoteric, to see.
More about the Primordial Goddess of the Watery Abyss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOTn9HdZQRA&sns=em Continued… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5aRYz2WV0c&sns=em Primordial Goddess pt3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxsWDH8oB6c&sns=em Truthiracy: House of Wisdom- where Masters come to learn, and initiates come to break the Spell of EL https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC1pmnuUVCzihvOE0SG4dh1w” So that is why I wrote what I did and gave you references of what I think about it.

I believe Freedom is transparent…Oppression is not that clear…

Oppression can be shown, it can be felt easier than freedom.

Oppression has become loved…and freedom keeps becoming seen as something to FEAR!

Freedom has been hidden from us!

Oppression has been distributed to our front doors and is everywhere we go in a manmade world. The natural world is the only place real freedom exists on this planet. Because man’s world has become so oppressively artificial,  and superficial. Man has become ungrounded on with separations from the earth…starting from the socks put on our feet, the shoes we wear…the cloths…the FACES we put on.

The concrete and asphalt, the rubber and petroleum, the fabrics that keep us from seeing each other! We have become lost in objects and worships of BELIEFS..we have lost each other in misconceptions and we lose ourselves in denominations on paper sheets. We believe in words and laws more than each other…we believe in NOTHING. Rather than believing in what is going on in front of us. We disregard being in the moment and living for that and trying to make that the best it can be..no matter how hard it really is or may be.

WE are led by what ifs..and maybe’s. We are hung up on what might be. And what was..rather than what is! What it is is NOW..and what it never will be is IT ever again. It won’t be in the future and it won’t be way back when! The time is now and it won’t be ever again we need to stand up for the moment…Stand up for each other…let peace be the component! Let each other’s lives be free and let everyone OWN IT! :) ! So If you can understand this  form of my writing…if you think it’s lame or even exciting.

Thanks for the understanding it’s sometimes hard to do…to understand takes communication between me and between you.

There is never a burden when someone understand us..that makes life easy…The burden comes from an individual or us not understanding someone or something ELSE around them or our self! The first person we should question is our self… we should question our own visions and thoughts and beleifs….that for many it seems to be the GREATEST challenge to overcome… People want to feel supported and not challenged…so they believe that someone that agrees with them is better than someone that questions them. I say question them…because it is from a question that we can collaberait in our individual ideas and bviews..It is by Assumptions and demands that we only persecute each other! People find sanctuary in being TOLD what they want to hear… because they find it BETTER to JUDGE others and think they are the almighty or that their GROUP is… the DEVINE organization and should be worshiped as such, so they only listen to EACH other and only BELIEVE in themselves and their corporations LAWS!. That is the hindrance of  growth… thinking we know everything or all the answers have been giving to us in a book…full of laws that have only been made to CONTROL life..not allow it to be free! oppression is scared of freedom, so it try’s to lock it up!……….“

1world uP!

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